Friday, December 10, 2010

Her Gift Suggestions

Under $60.00
(When you buy a pound of tea or more you begin to get discounts)
GIRLS... Great gift for "chickfriends", mom, step mom, grandmother, sister, favorite aunt, co-worker, daughter, college student, ect...

GUYS... wives and girlfriends would love this too, but here's a HINT, DO NOT MAKE IT HER ONLY GIFT - GREAT STOCKING STUFFER!
(Don't forget the something SHINY to go with it...)

I have been a "BIG FAN" of Tevana for years, I love it, my "chickfriends" love it, and get this; even my husband LOVES it!
I GIVE the GIFT of TEAVANA a BIG THUMBS UP this CHRISTMAS! or check your local Mall listing for a store near you.

Ho... Ho... Ho and Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sleeping Beauties

Apricot Beauty, Ivory Flowerdale, Vivid Red and Yellow Trumpet Narcissus

Okay, finally they are in the ground! (365 of them) I dug the holes as deep as I could, I placed them perfectly in their place with plenty of good food and soil to nurture them and keep them covered all winter long. It’s been more than five years since I have planted tulips and daffodils, and now I remember why? It’s not easy, it’s hard work, but I know when spring comes around and brings birth to those little bulbs; my reward will be the beauty they bring forth and that’s worth every second of getting my hands in the dirt and digging deep.

Good night my little beauties; sleep tight and sweet dreams.

I look forward to seeing you this spring!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday Night Get Together

Another Saturday Night and I ain't nobody but my FAITHFUL FRIENDS!
Food, Football and REAL Fellowship...
It doesn't get any better than this...

God’s Plan and Chocolate – Perfect!

God’s Plan and Chocolate – Perfect!

Last week was a great lesson for me, again. I can do my best to get things done and projects completed, but I am not in charge. I kept my head down, I was focused, met deadlines even when I needed to change direction, but I am not in charge. I completed my task, turned over control, took a big deep breath and was satisfied because I did my part as a member of the team. Friday came and what a surprise! The project that I had spent so much time would not come to fruition for the moment; I am not in charge. Things are always going on that we know nothing about, and for whatever reasons it touches and affects our life. At this point, I have a choice – take the high road or the low road. Well, I am headed upward, yes skyward and heaven bound. I heard the message loud and clear; I am not in CONTROL, God is…

But, I do have a CHOICE, so in the meantime I am going to enjoy a sweet slice of chocolate pie, pray and start all over again…

God’s plan is perfect this much I know for sure and so is something CHOCOLATE!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our Thanksgiving 2010

It's hard to believe that this year is almost over. Why does time go? This morning I awake to find my husband Frank where is always is on Thanksgiving morning, right in front of the television with his cup of coffee watching, what else but the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. This is just one of the reason I love him and I am thankful for him, he is Mr. Dependable that's for sure. Anyway, he invites me to have a seat and watch with him, so I do. Frank is also a channel surfer and before you know we are watching a Sport Show that is featuring a story about a fifty year tradition that was started by one man while attending college. It was his freshman year and on his way to a football game he saw this elderly women with a young teenage boy in a wheelchair and she was really struggling with getting around with him in the chair. So, the young man and his friend offered to help out. Well, they really liked the young boy and wanted to make sure he got to all the football and basketball games from that day forward, and for fifty years that is exactly want has happened. The man in the wheelchair name is Buddy and he has not missed a game for fifty years, thanks to that young man who cared enough about someone other than himself. The guys that come in as freshman on the football and basketball teams are responsible for getting Buddy to and from the games.

Frank continued to channel surf and the next stop was another story of giving, this time the decision of a gift that touched the lives of four different families. It was sometime around the holiday and this mother got a call that her son had been injured pretty badly and was on the way to the hospital. Her son was an NFL Football player that had been involved in a car accident. She arrived at the hospital and the doctors met with her before taking her to her son. They told her the situation did not look good. She when in to see her son as soon as she did and placed her head on his chest and heard his heartbeat and got no response from him. She said she knew what she had to do, let him go, but she wanted to make sure his life counted for something. She made the selfless decision to donate her son's organ's to those who needed them to live. So, Chris her son gave someone a kidney, actually two different people a kidney, then another received a liver and another a heart. During this tragedy Chris' mom thought of others and through four other people Chris lives on and his mom has a bigger family these days. She says, she misses Chris, but if faced with the same situation again she would make the same choice.


I am thankful for ordinary people that do such incredible things for others - strangers who become family.
It makes me wonder, and it inspires me in so many ways.

Anyway, I get myself back together and I am off to the kitchen again to finish up Thanksgiving dinner for my family. I love to cook! It's my way to showing and sharing my love with others through the art and joy of good old home cooking. I do everything from scratch, no processed foods for us. I buy everything organic, local and straight from the farms in our area.

The menu:
Heirloom Turkey
Cornbread/Country Farm White Bread Dressing
Giblet Gravy
Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce
Garlicky Mashed Potatoes
Simply Smashing Sweet Potatoes
Creamed Corn
Turnips Greens
Garlic and Herb-Buttered Green Beans
Homemade Rolls
Pumpkin Pie
Cherry Pie
Heavenly Chocolate Pie

While I was going through the pictures I was going to use for this post I ran into all the pictures from this year and they were reminders of all the things I have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I decided to share some of them and why I am thankful, I hope you don't mind.

I am thankful for my children who are healthy and have started pursuing their own paths in life. Lisa is in her second year of college, very involved in her ADPI House and with her sisters. She has adjusted very well to college life away from home.
Chris is doing well in the Army, he is a Medic and he got promoted from aide to front-line this last week.
I am thankful for my wonderful husband Frank who asked me to marry him again this year and of course I said, "I do" all over again. What a surprise and what a great guy!








Sunday, November 7, 2010

Who Does She Think She Is?


I am to remember I am never alone

I have a constant companion always ready to make a move and take a stance

She bends and she follows with every move that I make

She is the most flexible little thing I have ever encountered, and now that I think about it she sees more clearly than me

She sees where I am going and where I have been and sometimes it seems she gets to places way ahead of me

Funny thing when this happens she looks back and says with her head half cocked and a sassy sort of grin, “Where in the world have you been? I thought you would never catch up my shadow, my friend.

Written by: Cinderella Field

Squam 2010 Writing Class

At a Glance with Great Gratitude

To meet and make new


Yes, we are all different in many ways. We are from different places in the world, from all walks of life and in different stages of life from what I could gather, but that didn't matter; we all wanted the same thing...

and in a that way we are the same...

To feel a part of and belong


bonding through


Being with others who understand us and in coming together

created to be creative





new beginnings...

a chance to live out a dream

That is what Squam Fall 2010 was about for me

Thanks SQUAM

and thanks, Elizabeth

Thanks, cabin mates and instructors

Thanks, Lisa for sharing this adventure with me.

Living Color 101

Loving Color starts with the BASICS

Primary Color by Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth’s class was the last one I attended at Squam and it was the most colorful - literally, and so much FUN! Mary Beth was really good at sharing with us and helping us get comfortable with exploring colors through paints in a way that perhaps we had never thought of before. I found myself having a wonderful time with the paints and colors that left me wanting to paint a picture and that’s what I did, I named it; “Color Me Basically.”


Thanks again for reintroducing me to paint and color in a way that makes me want to put it on CANVAS.

Mary Beth Shaw worked in the insurance industry for 18 years before she went crazy one day and quit her job.

While exploring her creativity, she re-ignited a childhood love of art. She is now ecstatic to support herself as a full time painter, living a gypsy life and participating in fine art fairs nationwide. Her mixed media process utilizes pastel, ink, marker and acrylics layered with various collage materials; she welcomes so-called mistakes because they lead to wonderful opportunities and discoveries.

She works in series and has several bodies of work in which she employs her own symbolism of embedded meaning. Living in St. Louis with her husband and 3 cats, Mary Beth is passionate about every moment of life.

Check out Mary’s website at the address below:


Sweet and Savory Verrines

Sweet and SavoryVerrines by Food Stylist Beatrice

Food styling class! This was the class I was looking the most forward to attending. I LOVE TO COOK and I LOVE THE PRESENTION OF FOOD. In this class we were there to learn the tricks and the trades of Food Styling that makes those photographs you see in food magazines look so YUMMY that it prompts you purchase them immediately and run straight home to start planning the recreation of those images one by one all the while anticipating enjoying every succulent mouthwatering bite of it!

I will let the photographs above and on Beatice's website (listed below) speak for themselves.

I just have to mention how wonderful Beatrice was as a teacher and a person. She was AMAZING! She was full of ENDLESS ENERGY! She was PATIENT! She was FUN! She is FRENCH and I LOVED listening to her talk, the accent, and her excitement! No doubt, Beatrice has a PASSION for what she does…

FOOD and it SHOWS!

Thanks Beatrice!

Beatrice Peltre is a freelance food writer, stylist and photographer. She is the author of the award-winning food blog (for best photography) "La Tartine Gourmande" in which she shares anecdotal stories about her passions: cooking, family, travel, design, styling and photography. She was born and raised in a small rural village in northeastern France, in a family where food and its traditions played an essential role - this is where she draws a deep respect for beautiful organice homemade food. She graduated from the Universite de Metz in France and worked as a French teacher in the US and New Zealand. She currently lives in Boston with her Irish-American husband and her daughter. When she is not preparing, styling and photographing food, she travels the world, busy exploring and photographing new cultures. She is a regular contributor to the Boston Globe Food Section and is currently working on her first cookbook.

Check out Beatrice’s blog at the address below:

Inspiration to BE...

The Care and Keeping of Creative Souls taught by Jen Lee:

Jen’s class was my first Squam experience and WOW! I thought the class was going to be something different than I experienced and I am so THANKFUL it was not! Life is so much more interesting when you get to experience it in a new way and that’s exactly what Jen gave us the opportunity to do. Jen took us on a journey, one that we thought in the beginning was hers, only to find out in the end was truly our own and what a BLESSING I found it that to be.

Jen thanks so much for sharing yourself in such a RAW way that enabled me to get to a place in myself that I needed to explore.

My time with you was UNFORGETTABLE!

About Jen Lee:

Jen Lee is a writer and spoken word artist in Brooklyn, NY. She is the author of Take Me with You: A Journal for the Journey, Fortunes, and Solstice: Stories of Light in the Dark.

She and her husband, Justin, launched their family on an urban adventure when they followed their hearts to New York City from Denver's suburbs in 2007 with their two little girls.

Jen knows about putting it all on the line to follow a dream, and about writing things that make you unpopular. She lives and breathes the challenge of balancing creative work with motherhood. She is engaged in an inquiry about how literacy is being transformed in the digital age and loves to talk about new forms, old forms, and where stories live. Her gentleness and wisdom are transformative. You can trust her to embrace you, wherever you're at in your journey.

Check out Jen’s blog at the address below:

Let's Play Dress Up...

Wholly Tara!

Let’s Play Dress Up…

And that’s exactly what we did…

Wholly Tara is located smack dab in the middle of a small town named Ashland in the state of New Hampshire.

Next door to the dress shop is a wonderful place to dine for lunch and dinner called “The Common Man.” Speaking of dining for lunch and dinner we did just that at the Common Man (four times) we just really enjoyed it. They serve great food (most of it they buy locally) and it’s reasonably priced – YUMMY!

Okay, back to Wholly Tara…

Tara, the young woman the dress shop is named after, and she owns it is FABULOUSLY FUN! She is ADORABLE, BUBBLY and SHE LOVES TO PLAY DRESS UP WITH WHOEVER COMES THROUGH HER DOORS.

Tara has a gift for making you feel at ease after you get use to her very bubbly and over zealous enthusiasm for what she does, but it is GENUINE and that a “RARE FIND!” She has a KNACK and a PASSION for clothing and helping you find what looks best on you. In the end, you get some great new stylish looks and a new friend, Tara and that the best part of the wholly experience.

If you are in New Hampshire, stop by and pay Tara a visit and tell her, Cinderella says, “HELLO.”

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Lisa and I decided to come to the New Hampshire area early and spend a couple of days just to soak it all in and we had a wonderful time. We met some really nice people, we went on a boat tour guide of the lake, we saw loons (real loons, feathered ones and they were gorgeous) and then we had a surprise treat; a rare spotting thanks to an EAGLE’S EYE. Lisa spotted not ONE, but TWO BALD EAGLES that were nesting on Squam Lake. Our tour guide said, "I have never in twenty years of tour guiding this lake been able to do it myself." Really…

He and everyone on the boat were pretty impressed and thankful.

But, I must ask myself this question?

WHAT IS IT THAT SHE CANNOT DO? I swear there is nothing that gets past her.


I deem you an honorary EAGLE SCOUT and I am sure the other people on that excursion would agree with me.


MORE than just a PLACE to REST your HEAD…

Squam Lake Inn was the place that Lisa and I had decided to stay before heading to our final destination…



We were not disappointed, as a matter of fact we were very IMPRESSED! My husband found three places while exploring New Hampshire online for us (he’s my travel agent and a darn good one I think) when Lisa and I were in the beginning stages of the planning process of our big trip. After viewing their website and contacting them with a few questions; we booked it!

We are so glad we did…

WE enjoyed every memorable minute of our stay.

From the moment we arrived we felt warmly welcomed by the owners of the Inn. We were escorted to our room and it looked just like the pictures on their website…


The beds and pillows were…


Breakfast the next morning was the same - just like the pictures on their website…


Picture-perfect as a matter of fact, but that keep us from digging in and savoring every tasty bite on our plate each morning.


On our last day, we visited the

RED BARN Boutique and shopped and shopped…

My review for SQUAM LAKE INN…


These LADIES have got it going on…

She Leads the WAY...

With Lisa off the plane, we were fast to agree, we were HUNGRY. So, off we went to the Airport Information Desk to find the nearest best place to get something to eat. We were greeted by the nicest, very wise and patient man Eugene that gave us very specific directions and a marked map of the exact details and off we went...



We went the wrong way…

And we got sidetracked…

Thankfully, we accidentally came across the neatest little farm (Wilson Farm) that housed some of the best looking local produce (raised on the farm land directly behind them) and sweetest raspberries I have ever tasted in my life. Lisa and I had so much fun exploring their landscape and their tasty treats.

This is God’s country and these are the foods he intended for us to eat and ENJOY!

New Hampshire Adventure

And away we FLY…

The date was September 13th, it took a while for me to get these posts up from our trip to New Hampshire and well, I didn't won't to leave out anything - especially how excited we were about this adventure.

Today is the DAY! We have boarded the plane and away we FLY…

My sister-in-law Lisa and I have been planning and talking about this trip for the last few months, a trip both of us have wanted to experience since childhood – CAMP! We are attending Squam Art Camp, an adult Art Camp for women in New Hampshire located on Lake Squam; it’s where On Golden Pond was filmed. This time of year should be just BEAUTIFUL! We are looking forward to the cool crisp air that the weather forecast says we should have, that means of course, beautiful colorful changing foliage, to say, “I am excited” is an understatement! I am ecstatic and ready for some cooler weather and ready to live out this DREAM COME TRUE with such a wonderfully talented and gifted woman whom will celebrate her 35th birthday while we are there, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA! I am looking forward to some GIRL THYME!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Squam Camp Time

Finally! I just got to the point on the plane where they say, “ Now you may use your electronic devices and computers.” So, I reach for my laptop and away I write!

Squam Art Workshop was AMAZING! I had the most AMAZING time! My sister-in-law Lisa and I arrived on Wednesday afternoon, after being in New Hampshire for two days and soaking up the beautiful scenery and people! Anyway, the drive into the campsite was just breath taking. The winding road lined with beautiful majestic trees that have been there for years, the sun peeking through with wonderful sunshine as I look up and again I am so AMAZED at the beauty of all it as I say to Lisa, “Can you believe it? We are finally here! It looks just like the video on the SAW website that we viewed at least a dozen times and Lisa posted on her blog and wrote about months ago. What beauty and what a blessing! She agrees. We follow the signs all the way down toward the lake as we begin to see cars and women everyway! We get out and rush in to check in (we are so EXCITED we can barely contain ourselves) and we were greeted by the friendliest and well, most artsy looking women I have ever seen gathered in one place! We get our packets filled with all the information we need for our classes and scheduled times and locations for all activities, a map of the grounds and our meal tickets and we are off to the “SUMMIT” that’s the name of our cabin. We get inside after unloading ALL THAT LUGGAGE Lisa and I have brought with us and one of the girls asked; “ Did either one of you request a second room for your leather companions to stay in?” We just laugh and replied; “We know we have a problem when it comes to luggage and not wanting to be without anything we think we might need.” Make sense? I know it doesn’t to me either.

We get acquainted with the rest of our cabin mates, all friendly and all artsy. We get settled in, unpack all of our belongings and out the door we go to dinner. After dinner, off we went to the Opening Ceremony - Squam style. Yipee!!!

This was just the beginning of my wonderful experience at Squam Art Workshops. Please stay tuned for all the details I will be posting in the next few days. I am just now getting back in the grove, I must admit I needed to rest, but that hasn't happened it’s FULL SPEED ahead. Anyway, I am going through all the pictures and writing my posts that I will share with you shortly.

In the meantime, I hope all is well with whoever stops by.

Y’all come back now you hear…

Photograph Credit: Lisa Field

visit Lisa's blog at

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweet Savory Summertime

Summertime... Summertime…

Lots of good Sunshine

The sweet smell of watermelon after you split open it’s beautiful green rind, refreshing iced lemonade makes you pucker up and then smile, don’t forget the delightful and dreamy homemade vanilla and peach ice cream

Hot summer nights spent with family and friends sharing and enjoying all of God’s delights…

The moon, the stars, the clear black skies and the tiny bright fireflies

Everything he made to light up the nights for us to enjoy

The 4th of July all red, white and blue then evening falls and what a glorious view. Beautiful and colorful fireworks that ignite the skies and remind us of the INDEPENDENCE that brave men and women fought for and founded our country upon so many years ago

The laughter of children, the dazzling flowers and graceful butterflies, not to mention those smart little hummingbirds as that hover above waiting and watching for just the right place to take a sweet dip, the family vacations and sometimes the bittersweet memories of a summer love we must say so long to; it just doesn’t get much better than this…

So, let us not complain as the hot season comes to a close

Let’s just enjoy what’s left of the summer that GOD has so GENEROUSLY

BLESSED US with and stop for a moment and GIVE HIM OUR THANKS

Summertime… Summertime…

Oh how I love the memories of sweet warm sunshine

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our EMT and Combat Medic

If you recall, last time I blogged about Chris he had just taken the EMT National Registry Test (Emergency Medical Technician) and didn’t pass it. I remember clearly sharing in his let down, disappointment and frustration as he said, “Mom, I don’t know what happened?” He continued, I studied the material and more importantly, I really do know it! Well, perhaps he did study and perhaps he knew it, but his Sergeant would tell him that he over thought it. This was the Basic Test and he was thinking Advanced. “Next time think “BASIC” his Sergeant suggested.” Well, the second time he took the TEST he did just that, and HE PASSED! He also passed his final test to complete his Combat Medic Training with FLYING COLORS and will graduate the end of this month. YAHOO! Then he is flying home for a ten-day leave before he departs for his post. His post, by the way is still undetermined?

Stay tuned…


Off to school she goes...

Last time I wrote a blog entry it was about “Letting them go and Letting them Fly.” It’s hard to let go as a MOM even when you know you have no choice. So, I helped Lisa pack up her belongings and we placed her boxes and containers in the cars and off we went. Where in the world will she put all this stuff we just loaded in two cars, no room to spare in her limited housing space at school? It’s hard to believe she is a sophomore in college this year. Gosh, I am going to miss having her around and seeing her delightful smile and hearing the sound of her sweet (I want something) voice ask me, “What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner – MOM?” Okay, truthfully I must admit I am looking forward to having some time off from “kitchen duty!” Frank and I follow her all the way to Stillwater and on the way we talk about how quickly time flies… Chris and Lisa are grown. They have moved out and now they are making their own way in life. We can’t believe we have lived in Tulsa for more than eleven years and in two weeks we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary. WOW! Finally, we arrive at her sorority house. We unload the cars and carry her stuff up to the 3rd floor (I am thankful we only have to this twice a year) and shortly after the boxes are all delivered we take off again. Leaving her behind this year was not as hard as it was last year; could it be that we are all adjusting? In closing, I have to confess; I did feel a tear roll down my cheek and a slight lump in my throat, as I thought about our summer together. I LOVE MY LISA and I’M GOING MISS HER!


Sunday, August 1, 2010


No matter how old your children grow to be or how far away they travel, in a mom’s heart they are always close and at home. She can feel their joys, their pains, their let downs and their triumphs, and although she may not be able to kiss it and make it feel better like she once did, and she may not be able to reach out and give her tender touch or a comforting hug, there is one thing that she can always do – PRAY! In the last week this realization really hit home when my son Chris called me from Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio where he is training to become a Combat Medic for the Army and told me that he didn’t pass his EMT National Registry Test. I could hear the disappointment in his voice (up to this point he had a GPA of 85%) and a sense of, “Mom I wish you were here to give me a hug and prepare my favorite comfort food.” But I am several hundred miles away and all I could do is listen to what he tells me; then put on my cheerleading uniform and cheer him on for the next time (they get three opportunities to pass this test because it is really tough, and it should be they will be expected to save the life’s of injured soldiers).

I know I can’t quiz him like I once did before a test or make sure he gets a good night’s rest and I can’t make him that perfect breakfast for brain power the morning of this big test. But, I can encourage him and Lisa too every chance I get by text, email, a handwritten letter (people serving our country in the military really like receiving letters from loved ones), a voice mail, a phone call and a good ole heart to heart with my heavenly Father and ask him to guide Chris, to give him the wisdom to make good choices when it comes to choosing to study rather than play – yes, in the Army they still have that opportunity and then, let God take the wheel and lead him down the path he has purposed and planned for his life! When I trust and call on HIM to HELP I know that Chris will pass that test!

So Father give my children the strength and wisdom to be all you have called them to be. As a mother, that is all I can ask for because I know they can’t do it alone!




A few Friday evenings ago Frank (my husband) came home so excited about a young woman he had just met in the parking lot of our neighborhood Wal-Mart. I know some of you are probably asking yourself, “Why is she (me) not upset about him coming home excited about a young woman he just met?” Well, Frank - aka - “Baby Jesus” our daughter Lisa nicknamed her father that because he is sold out to our Savior and loves meeting other people who share that same affection! First, he handed me this handcrafted wooden cross and said, “This is for you!” Then he said, “Honey, I just met this girl, her name is Lacy and we had the coolest conversation and I want you to met her.” To which I replied, “REALLY… DO TELL ME MORE?” He continued… Well, he said, she is selling these crosses for a Ministry she is involved in that helps people that are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, but it’s more than that he said, they worship together as a community of believers. Lacy ended up there after being arrested for possession of an illegal substance and she was given a dilemma by the judge, “JAIL or Strong Tower Ministries? She chose Strong Tower and has never looked back! Lacy has been clean and sober for over two years and is now employed full-time at Strong Tower Ministries. She shared her amazing recovery story with me about how God has delivered her from being addicted to heroine and prescription pain medication and how thankful she is for Strong Tower that was placed in her path that helped her get there! She said, “All I had to do was SURRENDER to the CROSS and GOD provided ME with HIS MERCY and the SHELTER of HIS STRONG TOWER!”

Frank was right! It was an AMAZING STORY of RECOVERY! Thanks for sharing your story with us Lacy, may you continue to STAND STRONG!

Check out Strong Tower Ministries at



Sunday, July 18, 2010

I see MYSELF...

As a CREATIVE SOUL this is how I see myself...
For me the WORDS come FIRST. I definitely like painting the picture first with the words; then, coming up with the vision of the artwork or digital image in my head. Next, I grab a pen or a pencil, starting writing, then sketch the image or snap a photo. PRESTO! I have a story or the beginning of one anyway. The word "presto" reminds me of how much I love MUSIC!!! Looks like I have more than one FIRST LOVE. Music has always inspired me in so many ways...

Yes, my FIRST LOVE will always be the WORDS - WRITTEN by hand - CONNECTED to EMOTIONS - LEADING the WAY to YOUR HEART! And to me, "THAT"S REAL LOVE and REAL LIFE!"


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Cinderella Field, yes, Cinderella is really my name. Cinderella is not an easy name to live with nor is it easy to speak up and say it each and every time you meet someone for the very first time; “Hello BLOGGERS!” Okay, I’m glad that I got that out of the way, what a relief! I know you are probably asking yourself, “Does she go by “Cindy” for short?”My response is “yes, there was a time when I went by “Cindy” for short, but not today.”
Here’s the story…

My daughter at the ripe age of three asked me in front of an adult that was telling me she was concerned about my daughter, oh by the way, my daughter’s name is Lisa. Anyway, my neighbor at the time; was concerned about Lisa and her making up stories. She continued to say, “ I know that your family has moved around quite a bit and well, Lisa makes up stories.” To which I replied, “Oh really like what?” Well, she tells me that she has a younger sister and I know that she has a brother that is older and that her mommy is “Cinderella.” Lisa was playing in the yard with her daughter at the time my neighbor and I were having this discussion and she ran over and started saying, “MOMMY… MOMMY… and I looked at Lisa and said, “One minute, honey, Miss Cindy and I are talking, but Lisa INSISTED I give her “MY ATTENTION” and she asked me this question?” “Mommy, why do you lie to people about your name?” WOW! OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES… sometimes come words that STING and BRING a REALIZATION! I was a Mommy teaching my children each and every day to be happy and accept themselves and others as God had created them to be, and I was not comfortable with who I was and what I was named? What a LESSON Lisa just TAUGHT ME? I turned back to my neighbor at the time, which shared the same name I had used for years in place of my REAL NAME and said, “ Lisa is telling the truth, my name is Cinderella and that’s what you may call me from this day forward.”

Getting my family to do the same and embrace my new identity was not an easy task. My husband Frank asked; that I not introduce myself to his business associates as Cinderella because they would have a new name for him “Prince Charming” and he was not ready for that and neither was the Oil and Gas Industry that he works in, a very MANLY WORLD, but over time he got used to it.Okay, admittedly, it took him awhile… “YEARS!” In fact, there are days that I am sure it’s still not easy for him and I understand it all too well.

Some of my other AKA’s and nicknames he has for me are: Honey – that’s what he calls me most of the time. If he calls me Cindy or Cinderella, I know it’s not going to be a conversation I am going to enjoy – much like the one when I say, “ Honey, we need to talk.” You know how guys LOVE to hear that, RIGHT?

We have two adult children, our oldest is Chris (who will turn twenty-one in August) he serves our country in the Army and our youngest, Lisa (just turned nineteen in May) is in her second year of college at a University in Oklahoma, they call me “MOM.” Chris who has a “dry sense of humor” calls me “Cinderella” to get on my nerves every now and then, and Lisa says, “Mom don’t get upset, it’s just a NAME.” They are my PRIDE and JOY and I feel BLESSED to have the HONOR of calling them, MY BABIES!” They are going to LOVE reading that some day - NOT! LOL

My niece refers to me as “AUNTIE ORGANIC” I love that nickname! My husband’s friends refer to me as “C” I like that too! My mother-in-law still calls me “Cindy” and sometimes “Cindyrelle.” My mom calls me “Cindy” and that’s better than “Lucy” that’s what she nicknamed me growing up. I never understood “WHY” and I still don’t have the answer or a clue for that one, and neither does she?Anyway, I am happy answering to any of them, except “Lucy!” LOL
To be honest with you; “I prefer Cinderella.” And, according to Lisa, “It’s okay! It’s just a NAME… your name Mom!”
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Cinderella and Lisa


Frank, Chris and Cinderella