Saturday, November 6, 2010


Lisa and I decided to come to the New Hampshire area early and spend a couple of days just to soak it all in and we had a wonderful time. We met some really nice people, we went on a boat tour guide of the lake, we saw loons (real loons, feathered ones and they were gorgeous) and then we had a surprise treat; a rare spotting thanks to an EAGLE’S EYE. Lisa spotted not ONE, but TWO BALD EAGLES that were nesting on Squam Lake. Our tour guide said, "I have never in twenty years of tour guiding this lake been able to do it myself." Really…

He and everyone on the boat were pretty impressed and thankful.

But, I must ask myself this question?

WHAT IS IT THAT SHE CANNOT DO? I swear there is nothing that gets past her.


I deem you an honorary EAGLE SCOUT and I am sure the other people on that excursion would agree with me.


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