Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Squam Camp Time

Finally! I just got to the point on the plane where they say, “ Now you may use your electronic devices and computers.” So, I reach for my laptop and away I write!

Squam Art Workshop was AMAZING! I had the most AMAZING time! My sister-in-law Lisa and I arrived on Wednesday afternoon, after being in New Hampshire for two days and soaking up the beautiful scenery and people! Anyway, the drive into the campsite was just breath taking. The winding road lined with beautiful majestic trees that have been there for years, the sun peeking through with wonderful sunshine as I look up and again I am so AMAZED at the beauty of all it as I say to Lisa, “Can you believe it? We are finally here! It looks just like the video on the SAW website that we viewed at least a dozen times and Lisa posted on her blog and wrote about months ago. What beauty and what a blessing! She agrees. We follow the signs all the way down toward the lake as we begin to see cars and women everyway! We get out and rush in to check in (we are so EXCITED we can barely contain ourselves) and we were greeted by the friendliest and well, most artsy looking women I have ever seen gathered in one place! We get our packets filled with all the information we need for our classes and scheduled times and locations for all activities, a map of the grounds and our meal tickets and we are off to the “SUMMIT” that’s the name of our cabin. We get inside after unloading ALL THAT LUGGAGE Lisa and I have brought with us and one of the girls asked; “ Did either one of you request a second room for your leather companions to stay in?” We just laugh and replied; “We know we have a problem when it comes to luggage and not wanting to be without anything we think we might need.” Make sense? I know it doesn’t to me either.

We get acquainted with the rest of our cabin mates, all friendly and all artsy. We get settled in, unpack all of our belongings and out the door we go to dinner. After dinner, off we went to the Opening Ceremony - Squam style. Yipee!!!

This was just the beginning of my wonderful experience at Squam Art Workshops. Please stay tuned for all the details I will be posting in the next few days. I am just now getting back in the grove, I must admit I needed to rest, but that hasn't happened it’s FULL SPEED ahead. Anyway, I am going through all the pictures and writing my posts that I will share with you shortly.

In the meantime, I hope all is well with whoever stops by.

Y’all come back now you hear…

Photograph Credit: Lisa Field

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweet Savory Summertime

Summertime... Summertime…

Lots of good Sunshine

The sweet smell of watermelon after you split open it’s beautiful green rind, refreshing iced lemonade makes you pucker up and then smile, don’t forget the delightful and dreamy homemade vanilla and peach ice cream

Hot summer nights spent with family and friends sharing and enjoying all of God’s delights…

The moon, the stars, the clear black skies and the tiny bright fireflies

Everything he made to light up the nights for us to enjoy

The 4th of July all red, white and blue then evening falls and what a glorious view. Beautiful and colorful fireworks that ignite the skies and remind us of the INDEPENDENCE that brave men and women fought for and founded our country upon so many years ago

The laughter of children, the dazzling flowers and graceful butterflies, not to mention those smart little hummingbirds as that hover above waiting and watching for just the right place to take a sweet dip, the family vacations and sometimes the bittersweet memories of a summer love we must say so long to; it just doesn’t get much better than this…

So, let us not complain as the hot season comes to a close

Let’s just enjoy what’s left of the summer that GOD has so GENEROUSLY

BLESSED US with and stop for a moment and GIVE HIM OUR THANKS

Summertime… Summertime…

Oh how I love the memories of sweet warm sunshine

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our EMT and Combat Medic

If you recall, last time I blogged about Chris he had just taken the EMT National Registry Test (Emergency Medical Technician) and didn’t pass it. I remember clearly sharing in his let down, disappointment and frustration as he said, “Mom, I don’t know what happened?” He continued, I studied the material and more importantly, I really do know it! Well, perhaps he did study and perhaps he knew it, but his Sergeant would tell him that he over thought it. This was the Basic Test and he was thinking Advanced. “Next time think “BASIC” his Sergeant suggested.” Well, the second time he took the TEST he did just that, and HE PASSED! He also passed his final test to complete his Combat Medic Training with FLYING COLORS and will graduate the end of this month. YAHOO! Then he is flying home for a ten-day leave before he departs for his post. His post, by the way is still undetermined?

Stay tuned…


Off to school she goes...

Last time I wrote a blog entry it was about “Letting them go and Letting them Fly.” It’s hard to let go as a MOM even when you know you have no choice. So, I helped Lisa pack up her belongings and we placed her boxes and containers in the cars and off we went. Where in the world will she put all this stuff we just loaded in two cars, no room to spare in her limited housing space at school? It’s hard to believe she is a sophomore in college this year. Gosh, I am going to miss having her around and seeing her delightful smile and hearing the sound of her sweet (I want something) voice ask me, “What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner – MOM?” Okay, truthfully I must admit I am looking forward to having some time off from “kitchen duty!” Frank and I follow her all the way to Stillwater and on the way we talk about how quickly time flies… Chris and Lisa are grown. They have moved out and now they are making their own way in life. We can’t believe we have lived in Tulsa for more than eleven years and in two weeks we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary. WOW! Finally, we arrive at her sorority house. We unload the cars and carry her stuff up to the 3rd floor (I am thankful we only have to this twice a year) and shortly after the boxes are all delivered we take off again. Leaving her behind this year was not as hard as it was last year; could it be that we are all adjusting? In closing, I have to confess; I did feel a tear roll down my cheek and a slight lump in my throat, as I thought about our summer together. I LOVE MY LISA and I’M GOING MISS HER!