Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweet Savory Summertime

Summertime... Summertime…

Lots of good Sunshine

The sweet smell of watermelon after you split open it’s beautiful green rind, refreshing iced lemonade makes you pucker up and then smile, don’t forget the delightful and dreamy homemade vanilla and peach ice cream

Hot summer nights spent with family and friends sharing and enjoying all of God’s delights…

The moon, the stars, the clear black skies and the tiny bright fireflies

Everything he made to light up the nights for us to enjoy

The 4th of July all red, white and blue then evening falls and what a glorious view. Beautiful and colorful fireworks that ignite the skies and remind us of the INDEPENDENCE that brave men and women fought for and founded our country upon so many years ago

The laughter of children, the dazzling flowers and graceful butterflies, not to mention those smart little hummingbirds as that hover above waiting and watching for just the right place to take a sweet dip, the family vacations and sometimes the bittersweet memories of a summer love we must say so long to; it just doesn’t get much better than this…

So, let us not complain as the hot season comes to a close

Let’s just enjoy what’s left of the summer that GOD has so GENEROUSLY

BLESSED US with and stop for a moment and GIVE HIM OUR THANKS

Summertime… Summertime…

Oh how I love the memories of sweet warm sunshine

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  1. All of your descriptive words evoke such fond memories of Summers past. It's hard to believe another has come and gone.