Sunday, March 4, 2012

EAT CAKE It's not what you THINK...

It's a BRANDING thing and OH, how SWEET it can be...

What’s in a NAME?


I have always been a person that LOVES words and names; the meaning of words and names of people and places are very important to me, to all of us. It’s a way of expressing one’s self, telling a story or referencing back to something or someone we enjoyed or didn’t want to forget; like a person we met, a place we have visited, a restaurant or a store we enjoyed or an experience we had. From a business and branding point of view, it’s important because we want it to represent or invoke very quickly what one might hope to find or experience from something we were very passionate about they we invested in it personally to share with others.

Take these things into consideration:


When choosing a NAME for your business or an event you put on for a group of people; you want to create a complete picture of who you are and what you do. In the case of an event, what the event represents, and what one that may attend might get out of being there. How do you do that? Two words-continuity and uniformity… That means your website needs to match or compliment your blog, which needs to match your Facebook page and so forth… This one step alone can make a HUGE difference in how your company or event is perceived. The logo, the colors, the font, the tagline, the background you choose is very important; it should represent very clearly, who you are and what you, your business or event is about. Make it STAND out! You only get ONE chance to make a first IMPRESSION, so make it count. The logo should be clean, crisp and represent the name. The colors you chose should compliment each other and be easy on the eyes so that it draws you into the content or the message not distract from it. The font needs to be readable. The background not too busy or cluttered; it should fit nicely and simply be an accent of what you have going on that does not take away from what you have created in the overall look of your BRAND.

Most importantly…

Before you get started, do your homework. Research and view what others have created to make their businesses stand out and their customers/clients take notice. Really get to know your “target market” and “your audience” because that is what matters most. No matter how passionate you might be about your venture, or how good the concept, artwork, the design or the message is, if it’s not APPEALING to the CUSTOMER chances are it will not work. Make it about them; what they want and it will naturally DRAW them in; I almost guarantee it, but it will require hard work and follow through on your part. Do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do. After all, it’s your PASSION and you want others to ENJOY it, right?
That’s my “TWO CENTS” on the subject of BRANDING for what it’s worth.

Cinderella CHATS

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SPARK & HUSTLE... Here I come!

I spoke with Cindy Morrison this morning, and WOW!!! She is AMAZING with her knowledge and network where Social Media is concerned. She knows her STUFF and can guide you to where the KNOWLEDGE is. Cindy told me this morning how this event and Tory changed the way she approaches the "fast track" of Social Media by learning from the EXPERTS - TORY JOHNSON! She shared with me that it CHANGED the way she does things. If it can do that for someone as "smart and savvy" as Cindy Morrison, it can to that for me and it can do that for you, but not if you don't attend. Register by following the link below...

So GIRLS... TIME for some "SPARK & HUSTLE!" A "BIG" thank you to Cindy Morrison

Bring on the Spark and Hustle Tulsa 2012!

To REGISTER for the "Spark & Hustle" Event visit: and tell
TORY JOHNSON Cinderella sent you because Cindy Morrison said to.

Cinderella says, Don't get left behind...
You only get one chance at making a FIRST IMPRESSION!



This ONE really HIT home with me and I wanted to share it. Thanks, Angie for posting it on Facebook. This is something to really THINK about and for "goodness sakes" girls, let's put it into action.

Angie's response:
So true Cinderella! And we've got to come to grips that we don't have to please everyone nor can we control the thoughts of long as we do the right thing we shouldn't worry about what others think.


Can I get an AMEN to this, Sistahs?

Just asking?

THINK before you SPEAK...

MY MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."
Mom, as bad as I hate to admit it; you were RIGHT!

Food for thought and reminder to self...
You can never take back what is said and words are powerful! They can be used to ENCOURAGE or they can be used to cause PAIN. THINK about this before you SPEAK.

Thank you, MOM!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Cinderella CHATTING... Ben COACHING... FUNNY!!!

Cinderella Chatting... Ben COACHING... FUNNY!!!

Video Blogging comming soon...

I am so EXCITED!!!

Ya'll come back now ya hear...


Ben drinving CInderella CRAZY...

Making me do it again and again...


I HIGHLY recommend him. Ben is a Videographer and photograher: His website is

I am so EXCITED!!!