Friday, April 9, 2010

Favorite Finds

My PURSENAL FAVORITES! From favorite girly things like: fashion, SHOES, beauty tips, best places to shop, best places to see and best places to be seen to my favorite things that people are doing to make a difference in their life and the life’s of others at home and in their community.

What is a Cinderella? She is a Sister of Cinderella Kindred Spirit. She encourages, promotes and gives hope to others she encounters on a daily basis.

Check out Webster’s definition below…

Webster’s Dictionary definition of Cinderella: ONE SUDDENLY LIFTED from OBSCURITY to HONOR or SIGNIFICANCE.

Sisters of Cinderella Kindred Spirits joined together are like-minded women who may seem obscure but truly do things in their everyday life that LIFTS them to HONOR and SIGNIFICANCE. I will post and feature such a WOMAN every month.

It is my hope and prayer that you will look forward to getting to know these WOMEN. I INVITE you to come back and visit this section of Cinderella Chats on a regular basis. I believe they will INSPIRE YOU IN SO MANY WAYS!

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