Friday, April 9, 2010


Faith to me is about Soul-Seeking and Sole-Searching.

Stepping UP and Stepping OUT!

Allowing GOD to lead the way...

I love Beth Moore Bible Studies and Bible Study Fellowship – BSF for short. One of my favorite books in the bible is John. Last year, I studied the book of John in depth with BSF and wrote what it meant to me and read it on Sharing Day. It was a great way for me to begin my journey with BSF and I hope what you read below will inspire you to check them out in your local community and become a part of this bible study group it will enrich you life in so many ways!

What the book of John and BSF meant to me…

Good morning!

I remember clearly being invited by a friend to a BSF Introduction and from the moment I arrived and certainly when it was over I knew I wanted to be a part of it! John was the perfect study for me to begin my BSF journey. As I traveled through the Gospel of John I saw God’s plan in a new light! I felt the passion that John had for Jesus and his mission. I loved hearing and learning again the miracles Jesus performed; the people he healed, those who had faith in him and those that did not until they got up and walked or opened their eyes and could see. The patience he had for those who questioned him about who he was and his firm stance in explaining without wavering by simply saying, “I AM!” He was clear that the only way to the Father is through HIM! He said, “We are the same.” I am in the Father and he is in me. I experienced the privilege the disciples surely felt as they witnessed such greatness before them, being taught by the teacher of all teachers and the promise Jesus gave them that through him they would have eternal life. I felt the disappointment Jesus must have felt when he was betrayed by those disciples closest to him. Then the shame and pain I experienced for his crucifixion and at the same time a new found appreciation that he died for our sins, my sins and because he did and rose from the dead I will live for eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven, what joy and peace that gives me and I know it gives all of you. Finally the compassion, grace and trust Jesus showed Peter as Jesus said to him, “Feed my sheep.” Jesus will do the same for us and we should strive to FEED HIS SHEEP, it’s the least I can do and BSF is a great avenue to equip me with the knowledge I need to become the disciple he wants me to be to glorify his kingdom.

I want to thank Karen for the lectures and insight to the lessons that spoke to me personally almost weekly - it was AMAZING! Sharon’s emotional recount of Jesus’ death that touched me in a way I will never forget; I was moved to tears! I want Jamie to how much I appreciate her loving and caring nature; she is an incredible leader! I am honored that I could be with such a wonderful group of faith and spirit filled women who were here for the same purpose to learn more about the word and to dig deep for it and to take the message God had for them in the book of John. I am proud to call these women my friends!

I am hooked on BSF and will be a lifetime attendee!

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