Friday, April 9, 2010

About Me

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I am a CREATIVE SOUL that LOVES the ARTS! Music – Listening to it, singing along with it, and dancing to it. Working with my hands - writing, sketching girly art, and photography - I’m a “newbie” at it. Painting – I hope one day to give canvas a shot of color, not just my interior walls. I love decorating! I have a fetish for books, mostly self-help, how to/DIY and continual education material. Bottom line, I am a DORK! I LOVE learning! I’m a romantic at heart and a BIG DREAMER… I LOVE, LOVE coming up with new ideas and exploring ways to make them happen! I enjoy encouraging like-minded souls to pursue their God-given creative gifts, talents and dreams.

I share my love of HOSPITALITY every chance I get through event planning for Non-Profit organizations and hosting Cinderella Circles – small groups that meet monthly to share some Girl Thyme. Preparing HOMEMADE food for my family and friends is just about as good as it gets for me in the kitchen. I LOVE everything about FOOD! Shopping for it and the prep work is an adventure for me, not drudgery. I shop and support our local Farmer’s Market and Dairies. I am passionate and purpose-driven about serving others in my community and my church. I am very committed to a ministry called CELEBRATE RECOVERY and just joined OPERATION HOPE.

My Professional life consisted of many years in Sales, Marketing and Management in the Retail/Gift Industry. I worked for several big retailers and then in 2001 started my own business Ask Cinderella, Inc. My focus was Corporate Events/ Gift/Promotional Items/ Brand Extension. I left it behind to focus on creating the perfect girlie collection of whimsy wit and charming art for the gift books I have written with my friend Mary; that will speak to HER heart and soul - YOUR heart and soul. I will be sharing some of our creations with all of you who stop by to visit and read Cinderella Chats. Who knows? One day it may be the little gift book you pick up or note cards you select to send a “thank you” or use to write and say, “Hello, I am thinking of you!” To your girlfriends, mother, daughter, grandmother, sister or favorite female relative.
In the meantime, I will keep believing in DREAMS and sharing stories with you in the BLOGGING WORLD.

On a personal note: I have lived a REAL LIFE CINDERELLA STORY, all the good, challenging and every thing in between, and I must say, “I WOULD NOT CHANGE ONE THING ABOUT IT!” My life has not been a fairytale, and that’s okay. It provided me with the opportunity to become an OVERCOMER! It taught me to never give up on the world around me, the people in it, my dreams and certainly not myself or what God has purposed and planned for my life. All that stuff gave me a PASSION for helping others and for that I am thankful! I am not a religious person. I am a spiritual person who believes in God the Father, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I try everyday to live by the golden rule and the written word, but I must confess, I fall short sometimes.

In closing, I’ll admit, that I find the role of WIFE, MOTHER and FRIEND most REWARDING, and at the same time - CHALLENGING! For me, it’s what makes life interesting, joyful and worth living every moment of it!

Okay, I think that pretty much sums up who I am, and what I enjoy doing. If you would like to share something about yourself or what you enjoy doing, please do so in the comment section of my blog or email me at

I look forward to hearing all about YOU!

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