Saturday, December 3, 2011

Protein Shake

My friend Kimberly shared the way she starts her day by "kicking it off" and "sipping it up" with good fuel for her body. Smart Girl! Thanks for sharing Kimberly!

Kimberly says...
I use about 8 oz of almond milk, one scoop of high protein whey powder, one scoop of super greens powder, about a quarter cup of Alaskan blueberries and a tablespoon of chia seeds. Sometimes I add almond butter or switch out the fruit. For a change of pace I use banana and scoop of Dandy Blend herbal coffee substitute and a spoonful of cocoa for a kind of mocha flavored smoothie along with the almond milk, whey, green pwd etc. I don't even need to add sweetener most times but I use raw agave when I do.

Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Coffee Substitute
Dandy Blend, a healthy herbal coffee substitute, similar to Postum coffee substitute... Gluten Free

Friday, December 2, 2011

Adrenal Fatique - Does it really exist?

Does Adrenal Fatigue really exist? My answer to that question is, “yes and no.”
Here’s why…
When I was in the very throws of not feeling well, every key hormone in my body was somewhat compromised and any compromise in one-hormone leads to compromises in other hormones. Our body is machine of sorts made up of a “perfectly combined chemistry” to ensure that we function properly. What’s the best FUEL for our body? Well, I am sure that it will come as no surprise to every SMART GIRL that reads this, so here it is…


Here are some things you can do to help get your ADRENALS back in shape and functioning in a way that helps BALANCE the rest of your HORMONES.
Sleep – enough of it, 7- 9 hours every night.
Exercise – this is good for encouraging good hormone production and great for stress relief.
Water – drinking half your body weight in ounces of water to help move toxins out of the body and keep you hydrated. We can live without food longer than we can live without water. Drink good “pure” water free of harmful chemicals that are found in our tap water, the solution; invest in a water filter, (you can find them at Target, Walmart or online), water machine or have a whole house filtration system installed to cover all your body’s water needs.
Eating small and frequent meals - consisting of proteins, organic veggies and fruits. Cutting out all processed foods, sugars and bad carbs that convert into sugars. It is KEY to keep our BLOOD SUGAR levels stable, this helps BALANCE the body, our moods and creates a basis for an overall well –being in a SMART GIRL’S world.
Cut out or cut back on all SUGARS and CAFFEINE. Sorry Starbuck Lovers, including me, I miss my lattes, and I miss drinking Dr. Pepper’s and eating Snicker bars, but I like feeling better and having more sustainable energy to get me through the day without this kind of ENTERTAINMENT for my mouth that compromises my body.
This is a good place to start. If I went into more detail than this right now, I know I would lose you and I don’t want to do that and change happens slowly. The only way to “Eat any Elephant” is one bite at a time and CHEW SLOWLY to ensure proper digestion. Our hormones, including our Adrenals didn’t become “unbalanced” overnight and that will not become rebalanced in a day, and it is KEY to remember; one-hormone imbalance leads to a DOMINO EFFECT.

I tell myself daily, “Take it one step at a time and if I “MESS UP” no need to “BEAT MYSELF UP.” Just pick myself up, dust myself off and get myself back into a rhythm of doing the best I can.”
That’s what any SMART GIRL would do, right?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Checks and Balances


In TODAY’S world, it’s more important than ever to pay ATTENTION to your BODY and what it is trying to tell YOU. This cannot be stressed enough. We were made so perfectly, (Girls, that is – ha-ha) “Sugar and Spice and Everything nice.” Right? Well, if our bodies are out of BALANCE, especially our HORMONES… WRONG! In that case, that little old saying could not be further from the truth. When we are tired, fussy, forgetful, overweight, out of shape and ready to BLOW and RAGE at something or someone for no reason at all, the last word that comes to mind is nice. No, when this happens, it isn’t a pretty picture; I have been there so many times and I want to share with you what I have learned from my journey of hormone imbalance. So, what’s a SMART GIRL suppose to do, and where does she begin? A SMART GIRL is proactive and takes charge of her life and her health, so let’s get started.
I started this tradition with my daughter three years ago and I call it, “My Hormonious Day.” We make a girl’s day out of it; we have lunch at a special place, then go home or to the movie theatre and watch a chick flick or comedy.

Call and schedule an appointment with your GYN physician for an annual exam and ask them to run the following tests:

Please feel free to print this list:

Thyroid Tests:
Free T-3 and Free T-4
TPO- to check for thyroid anti-bodies

Adrenal Test:
Cortisol – This should be drawn at 8am and again at 4pm to get an accurate assessment.

Hormone Panel:
IGF-1 (This is your Human Growth Hormone level)

Note: One thing to remember about Hormone Blood Level results is this; if you are told that everything is in THE NORMAL RANGE, but you still just don’t feel like yourself and you know that something is just not right, I want you to know this; you are not crazy and should start looking for someone that can help you get to feeling better and back on track with feeling like “you” again.
That’s what SMART GIRLS do.

Complete Metabolic Blood Panel
Make sure you ask them to include your cholesterol levels in the blood work.
Vitamin D level – very important! (Optimal Vitamin D levels should be 45 and 70) I will share an informational video on this topic soon.
C-Reactive Protein Level

At the end of the appointment I make sure I ask the nurse to mail copies of the test results to me. This way I can reference back to and research what I need to if there is something that needs to be addressed. I have a “special” file folder that I keep these records in; it’s pretty and pink. Okay, It’s a girl thing, but it does make it easy to spot visually.

This is a great place to start and the results will give you a good gauge of your overall health. What you do with the information you learn is up to you. I, myself, find empowerment in knowing I have control over my body, my hormones and my health.

Be good to yourself and your body, you deserve it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's October 1st and time for me to announce the WINNER of "Ruffled Up and Ready for a Party!"
I want to say, "HOWDY and WELCOME" to all the new followers and I want to thank everyone that entered the contest. This is my first contest and I have to admit, it was hard for me to pick a winner. I wanted everyone to win, but that can't happen and the WINNER is...MERCEDES!

Congrats to Mercedes!
Please email your shipping information to - thanks!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kelly Rae Roberts

BWS tips button

Just signed up for her newsletter; I can't wait to take Fly Lessons!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

For the LOVE of PINK

To win this ADORABLE handmade GIRLY tablecloth just tell me why you would like to have it in the comment section. Entries must be submitted by midnight September 30, 2011 and you may only enter one submission. The WINNER will be posted by 6pm on October 1, 2011. I can't believe I am giving this away - I LOVE this tablecloth.

"RUFFLED UP and READY for a PARTY" measures 72 inches long by 52 inches wide and 24 inches floor length.

It’s September and it’s time to start something FUN!

I have an announcement to make that I am so excited about; I’m talking about Contests and Giveaways!

I am getting this party started for a couple of reasons…

First, I LOVE giving gifts and things to my family and friends this has been a habit of my since childhood. Secondly, I LOVE finding cool new items, shopping for them and creating new things that I myself like and that I enjoy sharing with others. Now, I want to share them with you my blogger friends.

Here’s how it works:

You must be a FOLLOWER of Cinderella Chats.


To receive notifications of the Contests and Giveaways via email that I will be sharing and giving away.

Don't forget; leave your "Why you want it" in the comment section.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Combat Medic leaves for Iraq...

I have to admit; I have put this post off on purpose for weeks and here’s why…

Chris our son left for Iraq for his yearlong tour. We had him home on leave for twenty days and enjoyed our time with him even though most of his time at home he spent with friends. What almost twenty two year old would hang out with his parents – right? Anyway, the time flew and before I knew it, it was time to put his duffle bags in the car and head to Fort Hood for the drop off. The night before our departure I asked him if he was nervous and he said, “Yes, who wouldn’t be?” Then, he asked me if his Grandmother was going with us since dad isn’t? I responded, “Do you really want her to?” He answered, “YES!” I quickly picked up the phone and called her to let her know about Chris’ request, and without hesitation and on such a short notice she said, “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” She is the best Grandmother! Chris and I left the next morning right on schedule and headed toward Texas. I was really nervous about making the drive without my husband because never had there been a time when we dropped our children off for camp or a stay with the grandparents had he not been there for the good-bye and this time was really different and well, important, but Frank had to be at the office and it turned out for the best.
Chris and I drove the entire time listening to country music (he loves it) we sang together and he shared his favorite songs with me and explained to me why they were his favorites. He shared his plans for the future when his time is finished in the Army (September 2012), he talked about a girl he really likes and their differences for the moment, college plans and plans to go to work as a fireman and live in Bixby forever and his desire to have a deer lease where he can go hunt, hang out and just relax with his friends. In Dallas, we picked up his friend Mike who needed a ride back to Fort Hood. We stopped and had lunch at Pappasito’s; Chris loves their chocolate bread pudding dessert and their cheese enchiladas, yes in that order. We picked up his Grandmother in Fort Worth and away we went for the final leg of the drive that seemed to be too short for me. I admit I had a really hard time with it! Taking my son that I love very much and dropping him off and saying good-bye for a year sending him to a foreign country where that are fighting, bombing and killing people was TOUGH! It’s the hardest thing I have ever done in my life besides having him by myself (my choice) and that’s another story.
We arrived at the base in Fort Hood and drove up to the building he had been living in for the last several months, I placed my car in PARK, took a deep breathe and told myself silently and very firmly, “STAY STRONG AND DO NOT LET HIM SEE YOU SAD OR SEE YOU CRY! GOT IT!” We all piled out of the car, started hugging and saying our good-byes. I thought Lynda was not going to let go of Chris and I thought I was never going to get to hug him myself, but I did. As we hugged I told him how proud I was of him, how much I loved him, that we would be praying for him constantly and I asked him to promise me that he would be SAFE! I finally let go and what he said to me next almost made me lose it. “Mom will you kiss me?” Chris had not ask me to kiss him since he was eleven years old, that’s when he asked me to stop because the kids at school made fun of him for kissing his mother. I was thrilled to kiss my son and hug him one more time before Lynda and I got back in the car, waved good-bye and watched him walk into his building. As soon as he was out of sight I broke down and started to cry.

What mother wouldn’t?

I will miss seeing your handsome face and beautiful smile!

Chris stay strong, be safe and remember all the great memories of your friends and family and come home and create the future you and I discussed we will be here waiting to WELCOME YOU HOME!

With big kisses and hugs!
I love you!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Girl’s Favorite Find

Every time I visit Fort Worth, Texas I have a favorite spot that I am drawn to; Dishes from the Past. I park my car, walk in the door, and I seem to be transported back in time. Come to think of it; I lose track of time as I walk through all the wonderfully stocked isles of every day dishes, china and glassware, and before I know it, I am picking out my current favorite find and buying it or placing it in layaway. This particular trip I was excited because I was there to pick up the most BEAUTIFUL PINK GLASS STEMWARE I have ever found! In the meantime, while I am telling the salesperson what I was there to do I hear this cheerful voice call out, “Are YOU the lady that got lucky enough to get those PINK GLASSES?” "Yes, I am" I called back, and suddenly she appeared from her office door – Jennifer the owner. We struck up a conversation and she asked me this question, “Do you have a lot of pink dishes?” To which I replied, “NO, why do you ask?” Anyway, we continued to chat and became friends and when I explained to her what I was going to use the glasses for she quickly invited me to have the event in her store, and I agreed!

I will share the party news soon...

Ya’ll come back now you hear...

Monday, July 4, 2011

On the road again...


Off to get the CHICKENS!

Early this past spring I decided to make a CHICKEN RUN to Fort Worth, Texas, buy six chickens and gift them to the HLA Farm where I buy eggs from Judy and Allen on a bi-weekly basis. Why do this? Well, their chickens at the time were not laying so much and I needed an adventure. My solution – make a CHICKEN RUN!
I had to find me a DRIVER and COUNTRY BOY – FRANK. My husband is so SWEET and GAME for a good LAUGH.

Off to the Country Store we went…


out on the farm the CHICKENS will ROOST!

Chick... Chick... Chickie...

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Milking it for a LIVING...

I hope you enjoy Judy and Allen's story and slide show as much as I have enjoyed getting to know them and their farm operation.

For almost two years I have driven out to Talala, Oklahoma on a bi-weekly basis for fresh eggs straight from the free roaming chickens that live there. Delicious fresh “raw” milk from both Nubian goats and Jersey milk cows that roam and graze the beautiful green pastures on the HLA Country Farm and Dairy. The most delicious cheeses and butter; fresh and homemade by Judy herself, (the MILK QUEEN is what I call her) and a goat milk yogurt I have Judy culture for thirty hours; this produces a very high probiotic content that is really good for your gut providing healthy flora that keeps your tummy happy and running smoothly. I make fresh berry yogurt smoothies for my husband and I almost daily, thanks my little goat friends for the delicious milk and a big shout of thanks to Judy and Allen for milking and making this possible. It helps keep Frank and I healthy.
Allow me to introduce you to Judy and Allen Calvert, they own and operate HLA Country Farm and Dairy, located in the lovely wide-open spaces of Talala, Oklahoma. By the way, their operation is Animal Welfare Approved; check out to view what is required for this stamp of approval.
Judy is the MILK QUEEN and Allen is well, the KING of everything Judy hires (he works for food) and hands out to him on a daily basis – CHORES. They have lived on the property for forty plus years and have been operating their farm ,and dairy for more than eight years now. During one of my recent “visits” to their farm I asked Judy, out of curiosity, “What got you started in all this?” “Did you grow up on a farm?” Her answer was surprising to me, she said, “No, I didn’t do this growing up. As a young child my parents and siblings visited my uncle and he had a cow. One morning he took me out with him to milk his cow, and he asked me if I wanted to give it a try? I was so excited and fascinated by it all, the milking thing that is, that I replied with a big, “YES!” I think I was hooked from that moment on because I knew deep down in my heart I wanted to milk something again, and so, that’s what started the whole MILKING thing!”
Shortly after they married Judy told Allen and her family about that dream and her yearning to MILK, and being the loving and supportive family that they are; they eventually all have pitched in to help Judy make it a reality. “Farming is hard work Judy tells me and I could not do it without the help and support of my entire family!” Judy started milking and trying her hand at making products that were produced by her Jersey cows and Nubian goats. She has become an expert at making delicious cheeses, cheese spreads, butter and yogurt. The “expert” reference is my opinion, not hers; she is much too humble to refer to herself as such, but she has been doing “the homemade good for you” thing for a while now and everything she makes is really tasty! So Judy, like it or not; I’m referring to you as an “EXPERT” my MILK QUEEN friend.
If you are ready to try consuming “good for you” and straight from the animal and farm products like raw cow or goat milk, homemade cheeses, butter, yogurt or free-roaming chicken eggs please contact Judy at 918.371.5367 for more details and directions to the HLA Country Farm and Dairy.
You can visit the farm’s website at
By the way, don’t forget to tell her you found out about her on Cinderella Chats and that Cinderella says, “hello to the MILK QUEEN!”
If you interested in making your own cheeses or how to start your own farm and dairy, Judy teaches classes on the subject that are both insightful and yummy! Judy’s classes fill up pretty quickly as folks come from all over the US to be taught by the MILK QUEEN; she is one SMART COOKIE!

Thanks again Judy and Allen for all your hard work and dedication to your animals that provide our community with "good for you" food choices.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bling... Bling...



On a recent trip to Dallas I found these and passed them up, now I am wondering why? They are pricey and very BLINGY. But, I am so tempted to take the plunge and just do it! I really LOVE the PINK! I'm thinking, these boots were made for mailing straight to my front door!

You can take the girl out of Texas, but not Texas out of this girl!

Crispy French Fries

I fry up French fries every once in a “blue moon” and when I do, well we eat every last one because they are so YUMMY!

Here's how I prepare them…

More than enough for two…

3 organic russet potatoes (peeled and sliced up not too thin)
24 ounces of Safflower oil (I use Spectrum High Heat Safflower Oil)
2 cloves of finely chopped garlic
1 sprig of Rosemary chopped up finely (I LOVE ROSEMARY, but you can use whatever HERB you like.)
“Real Salt” sprinkle to taste or omit (I love this salt!)

Place your oil in a cast iron skillet on medium heat until it is good and hot. Take your sliced potatoes and place them carefully in the skillet and fry until golden brown. This takes about twenty minutes. Line a large tray with paper towels enough to soak up the oil, take them out, dry them off as best as you can and sprinkle them with garlic, rosemary and salt. Serve immediately.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Duty and Dads

What Father’s Day means to ME…

Father’s Day is a day to honor and give Dad’s a break from every day duties. Duty is a very HEFTY word; the definition is a “HEAVY” load to bear!

Webster’s Definition:
1.) Assigned service
2.) A moral or legal obligation

A Father’s duty is not something that ends when his children grow up. As a matter of fact, it seems to get harder and more difficult I think. A father is responsible for so many things. Providing in many ways financially and emotionally, teaching and guiding, listening and hearing with an open, understanding, loving and accepting heart. It demands patience, endurance and humility. As he watches his children walk through life, he is thankful that by the grace of God he did something “right” when his children do exactly as they have seen him do. He feels proud at times and disappointed at times. Not only as a Father, but also with everything else in life that is expected of him, he finds himself STRECHED in many DIRECTIONS and LEADING the best way he knows how. There are fun times, hard times and every kind of times in between, but one thing is for sure, the duty of a father is never ending and most rewarding.

Happy Father’s Day to ALL…

Gone Green and Loving It!

Yippee! The first “real” pickings from our own backyard garden that we can bring to our kitchen table, now that is for “me” as good and green as it gets! For the last five years I have been committed to buying organic and at the local Farmer’s Market, but I wanted to go all in as much as I possibly could for the space we have in our backyard. This year “thanks” to my husband’s birthday gift to me that has become a REALITY!
“Thanks Frank, I love you and Happy Father’s Day!”

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sticks and Stones

Sometimes, on Saturday afternoons Frank and I will watch shows on "HOUSEWIVES." (Because he is a FLIPPER this happens. I have been told by many of my friends this is the case with MEN in general, flipping through channels). That being said, several Saturdays ago, he was "flipping" and landed on The Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Show. This kind of reality show for some reason always gets our attention; they mesmerize us, especially me! What struck me immediately is how divided these women seem to be and how hurtful the things they say to each other are; the hard harsh words and comments are damaging and disrespectful. Why is it that women want to be this way with one another? Then, the next thing that made me "lose my slipper" (a term I made up, that means to me in this instance is; "What the heck?") So, here is the "What the heck" question; "Why call or refer to ourselves or other women as BITCHES?" Can someone answer this question for me because I just don't get it?
I'm a real housewife, just not on a "Reality Show" and I don't do that sort of thing. Don't get me wrong I get FRUSTRATED with my girlfriends, but I don't call them names! So, here's a challenge; if you call your friends "BITCH" for any reason, consider not doing it.

I'm just asking: "Do we (GIRLS) have to say MEAN THINGS or talk SMUT to get our point across when we are upset with one another?"

I remember my mother saying; "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything."

Maybe the Orange County Housewives need a "Cinderella Chats Intervention." Of course, with me and my "REAL HOUSEWIFE FRIENDS." HaHa...

BTW: I am not putting any of the OC HOUSEWIVES or any other WOMEN down in any way that do this sort of thing, I just don't understand WHY? If you would like to share any comments or insights regarding this post please do I would love to hear from you.

Sincerely with passion!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The BIG Makeover...

Okay, every now and then, this girl has got to change things up! I am so EXCITED about it and soon I will be sharing it with everyone in the BLOG WORLD. Cinderella is getting a MAKEOVER! I love creating and playing dress-up especially with ART! It's time for her to step up and step out!
It's all about serving and sharing! It's about face time. It's revealing and being true to whom I am - "Authentic and REAL." It's spring and that's the time to BLOOM for me anyway. I hope you will come and visit the "new REAL me." It's everything girly and pink with a bit of sass just to shake things up! Speaking of color I have gone green, but my hair for now, will remain yellow blond just a deeper shade.

See you soon!