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Family, I believe is the most important aspect of one’s LIFE. It’s a place where you have the most INFLUENCE and can make the most of an IMPACT and lasting IMPRESSION. Being a part of a FAMILY is not always easy, but STICKING TOGETHER through THICK and THIN with each other is what MAKES A LIFE WORTH LIVING!

Check out my daughter Lisa’s letter to me. It’s a gift that to this day I cherish and read on a regular basis that inspires me to be my best me. After all she is watching and learning from everything she sees me do and say. "Oh my!"

My “Good Morning Letter”

By… Lisa Field (Age 14)

What a Gift!

Lisa’s Letter:

Good Morning!


Good morning! I thought since Dad wasn’t here to leave you a good morning note, then I would! It’s late in the middle of the night, and I woke up and was thinking about some of the things I have said to you recently or in the past. And something just told me I needed to say, “I’m sorry.” I know I’m not a big enough person to tell you this myself, so this is the only way I could think to do it. I just wanted to tell you that even though I don’t tell you everyday, I love you, Mom. You are my hero, even though you may not realize it, or I may not show it, you are my best friend, the person I can tell all my secrets, and most of all an amazing mom and person. I look up to you because I think of where you came from, and how far you have come as a person, wife, and mom. You are one of the most creative people I know, you come up with ideas no one else ever could, and I admire that, because so am I. You never give up on your dreams, which is one of the best things you have ever taught me about life. You tell me I’m beautiful inside and out; and have never called me a bad name that I can remember. I know no one tells you these things enough as they should (especially me). So, I just wanted to tell you how great you are, like you have always told me; you deserve it. In life, if you ever feel like you have no one, just know you’ll always have your Little Lisa, no matter what mistakes you make or what happens. I don’t know where I’d be as a person today without my mom.

I Love you!

-Your Daughter-

The letter from Lisa inspired to speak on the Titus 2 scripture at a Proverbs 31 Event for Women a couple of years ago. I shared this with a small group of women that were there to learn how to become a speaker.

Scripture: Titus 2:1-8 (Paraphrase)

Titus 2 talks about all of the ways that we should be an example to others. Especially those younger than ourselves, it lists all of the things that older women and men should teach the young women and men who are a part of their sphere of influence. After listing all of the virtues that should be taught, it places emphasis on one thing: being a true Christ-like example to all you encounter on a daily basis!

Titus 2:7 in the Message Bible (says)

But mostly, show them all this (the virtues listed in the previous verses) by doing it yourself (being an example), incorruptible in your teaching,

This means abandoning the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality, and being an authentic example of Godliness – to the best of your ability. Notice, I didn't say be perfect.

Perhaps, you’ve haven't thought about this lately, but others are watching you. Wow! What a great opportunity this gives us to affect someone else’s life in a meaningful way, and all for the glory of God. Wow! I just had to say it again. This is just one of God’s great gifts to you and me.

This truth reminds me of the words of St. Francis of Assisi who once said, “Preach the gospel, and if necessary use words.”

In Closing:

My Gift to You, the Titus 2 Teaching to remind us all, especially me, we are here to help one other, not to fix one another and encourage each other. This gives us the opportunity to be the BEST we can be for others and for ourselves. In this way we all benefit.
God’s gift to me came in the form of a letter and a wake up call from my daughter Lisa…

For me: It was a clear message, start paying better attention to what you are saying and doing because others are watching and learning.

. In this way - everyone benefits!

Enjoy Giving!

Yes, enjoy giving more than you enjoy receiving, and remember, others are watching and learning from everything you do, not what you are saying.

Thank you, my little Lisa!

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