Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The BIG Makeover...

Okay, every now and then, this girl has got to change things up! I am so EXCITED about it and soon I will be sharing it with everyone in the BLOG WORLD. Cinderella is getting a MAKEOVER! I love creating and playing dress-up especially with ART! It's time for her to step up and step out!
It's all about serving and sharing! It's about face time. It's revealing and being true to whom I am - "Authentic and REAL." It's spring and that's the time to BLOOM for me anyway. I hope you will come and visit the "new REAL me." It's everything girly and pink with a bit of sass just to shake things up! Speaking of color I have gone green, but my hair for now, will remain yellow blond just a deeper shade.

See you soon!


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