Friday, December 10, 2010

Her Gift Suggestions

Under $60.00
(When you buy a pound of tea or more you begin to get discounts)
GIRLS... Great gift for "chickfriends", mom, step mom, grandmother, sister, favorite aunt, co-worker, daughter, college student, ect...

GUYS... wives and girlfriends would love this too, but here's a HINT, DO NOT MAKE IT HER ONLY GIFT - GREAT STOCKING STUFFER!
(Don't forget the something SHINY to go with it...)

I have been a "BIG FAN" of Tevana for years, I love it, my "chickfriends" love it, and get this; even my husband LOVES it!
I GIVE the GIFT of TEAVANA a BIG THUMBS UP this CHRISTMAS! or check your local Mall listing for a store near you.

Ho... Ho... Ho and Merry Christmas!

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