Sunday, December 5, 2010

God’s Plan and Chocolate – Perfect!

God’s Plan and Chocolate – Perfect!

Last week was a great lesson for me, again. I can do my best to get things done and projects completed, but I am not in charge. I kept my head down, I was focused, met deadlines even when I needed to change direction, but I am not in charge. I completed my task, turned over control, took a big deep breath and was satisfied because I did my part as a member of the team. Friday came and what a surprise! The project that I had spent so much time would not come to fruition for the moment; I am not in charge. Things are always going on that we know nothing about, and for whatever reasons it touches and affects our life. At this point, I have a choice – take the high road or the low road. Well, I am headed upward, yes skyward and heaven bound. I heard the message loud and clear; I am not in CONTROL, God is…

But, I do have a CHOICE, so in the meantime I am going to enjoy a sweet slice of chocolate pie, pray and start all over again…

God’s plan is perfect this much I know for sure and so is something CHOCOLATE!

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