Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This Girl’s Favorite Find

Every time I visit Fort Worth, Texas I have a favorite spot that I am drawn to; Dishes from the Past. I park my car, walk in the door, and I seem to be transported back in time. Come to think of it; I lose track of time as I walk through all the wonderfully stocked isles of every day dishes, china and glassware, and before I know it, I am picking out my current favorite find and buying it or placing it in layaway. This particular trip I was excited because I was there to pick up the most BEAUTIFUL PINK GLASS STEMWARE I have ever found! In the meantime, while I am telling the salesperson what I was there to do I hear this cheerful voice call out, “Are YOU the lady that got lucky enough to get those PINK GLASSES?” "Yes, I am" I called back, and suddenly she appeared from her office door – Jennifer the owner. We struck up a conversation and she asked me this question, “Do you have a lot of pink dishes?” To which I replied, “NO, why do you ask?” Anyway, we continued to chat and became friends and when I explained to her what I was going to use the glasses for she quickly invited me to have the event in her store, and I agreed!

I will share the party news soon...

Ya’ll come back now you hear...

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