Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Milking it for a LIVING...

I hope you enjoy Judy and Allen's story and slide show as much as I have enjoyed getting to know them and their farm operation.

For almost two years I have driven out to Talala, Oklahoma on a bi-weekly basis for fresh eggs straight from the free roaming chickens that live there. Delicious fresh “raw” milk from both Nubian goats and Jersey milk cows that roam and graze the beautiful green pastures on the HLA Country Farm and Dairy. The most delicious cheeses and butter; fresh and homemade by Judy herself, (the MILK QUEEN is what I call her) and a goat milk yogurt I have Judy culture for thirty hours; this produces a very high probiotic content that is really good for your gut providing healthy flora that keeps your tummy happy and running smoothly. I make fresh berry yogurt smoothies for my husband and I almost daily, thanks my little goat friends for the delicious milk and a big shout of thanks to Judy and Allen for milking and making this possible. It helps keep Frank and I healthy.
Allow me to introduce you to Judy and Allen Calvert, they own and operate HLA Country Farm and Dairy, located in the lovely wide-open spaces of Talala, Oklahoma. By the way, their operation is Animal Welfare Approved; check out www.animalwelfareapproved.org to view what is required for this stamp of approval.
Judy is the MILK QUEEN and Allen is well, the KING of everything Judy hires (he works for food) and hands out to him on a daily basis – CHORES. They have lived on the property for forty plus years and have been operating their farm ,and dairy for more than eight years now. During one of my recent “visits” to their farm I asked Judy, out of curiosity, “What got you started in all this?” “Did you grow up on a farm?” Her answer was surprising to me, she said, “No, I didn’t do this growing up. As a young child my parents and siblings visited my uncle and he had a cow. One morning he took me out with him to milk his cow, and he asked me if I wanted to give it a try? I was so excited and fascinated by it all, the milking thing that is, that I replied with a big, “YES!” I think I was hooked from that moment on because I knew deep down in my heart I wanted to milk something again, and so, that’s what started the whole MILKING thing!”
Shortly after they married Judy told Allen and her family about that dream and her yearning to MILK, and being the loving and supportive family that they are; they eventually all have pitched in to help Judy make it a reality. “Farming is hard work Judy tells me and I could not do it without the help and support of my entire family!” Judy started milking and trying her hand at making products that were produced by her Jersey cows and Nubian goats. She has become an expert at making delicious cheeses, cheese spreads, butter and yogurt. The “expert” reference is my opinion, not hers; she is much too humble to refer to herself as such, but she has been doing “the homemade good for you” thing for a while now and everything she makes is really tasty! So Judy, like it or not; I’m referring to you as an “EXPERT” my MILK QUEEN friend.
If you are ready to try consuming “good for you” and straight from the animal and farm products like raw cow or goat milk, homemade cheeses, butter, yogurt or free-roaming chicken eggs please contact Judy at 918.371.5367 for more details and directions to the HLA Country Farm and Dairy.
You can visit the farm’s website at www.oklahomarawmilk.com
By the way, don’t forget to tell her you found out about her on Cinderella Chats and that Cinderella says, “hello to the MILK QUEEN!”
If you interested in making your own cheeses or how to start your own farm and dairy, Judy teaches classes on the subject that are both insightful and yummy! Judy’s classes fill up pretty quickly as folks come from all over the US to be taught by the MILK QUEEN; she is one SMART COOKIE!

Thanks again Judy and Allen for all your hard work and dedication to your animals that provide our community with "good for you" food choices.

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