Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SPARK & HUSTLE... Here I come!

I spoke with Cindy Morrison this morning, and WOW!!! She is AMAZING with her knowledge and network where Social Media is concerned. She knows her STUFF and can guide you to where the KNOWLEDGE is. Cindy told me this morning how this event and Tory changed the way she approaches the "fast track" of Social Media by learning from the EXPERTS - TORY JOHNSON! She shared with me that it CHANGED the way she does things. If it can do that for someone as "smart and savvy" as Cindy Morrison, it can to that for me and it can do that for you, but not if you don't attend. Register by following the link below...

So GIRLS... TIME for some "SPARK & HUSTLE!" A "BIG" thank you to Cindy Morrison

Bring on the Spark and Hustle Tulsa 2012!

To REGISTER for the "Spark & Hustle" Event visit: and tell
TORY JOHNSON Cinderella sent you because Cindy Morrison said to.

Cinderella says, Don't get left behind...
You only get one chance at making a FIRST IMPRESSION!


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