Sunday, September 5, 2010

Off to school she goes...

Last time I wrote a blog entry it was about “Letting them go and Letting them Fly.” It’s hard to let go as a MOM even when you know you have no choice. So, I helped Lisa pack up her belongings and we placed her boxes and containers in the cars and off we went. Where in the world will she put all this stuff we just loaded in two cars, no room to spare in her limited housing space at school? It’s hard to believe she is a sophomore in college this year. Gosh, I am going to miss having her around and seeing her delightful smile and hearing the sound of her sweet (I want something) voice ask me, “What’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner – MOM?” Okay, truthfully I must admit I am looking forward to having some time off from “kitchen duty!” Frank and I follow her all the way to Stillwater and on the way we talk about how quickly time flies… Chris and Lisa are grown. They have moved out and now they are making their own way in life. We can’t believe we have lived in Tulsa for more than eleven years and in two weeks we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary. WOW! Finally, we arrive at her sorority house. We unload the cars and carry her stuff up to the 3rd floor (I am thankful we only have to this twice a year) and shortly after the boxes are all delivered we take off again. Leaving her behind this year was not as hard as it was last year; could it be that we are all adjusting? In closing, I have to confess; I did feel a tear roll down my cheek and a slight lump in my throat, as I thought about our summer together. I LOVE MY LISA and I’M GOING MISS HER!


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