Sunday, August 1, 2010


No matter how old your children grow to be or how far away they travel, in a mom’s heart they are always close and at home. She can feel their joys, their pains, their let downs and their triumphs, and although she may not be able to kiss it and make it feel better like she once did, and she may not be able to reach out and give her tender touch or a comforting hug, there is one thing that she can always do – PRAY! In the last week this realization really hit home when my son Chris called me from Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio where he is training to become a Combat Medic for the Army and told me that he didn’t pass his EMT National Registry Test. I could hear the disappointment in his voice (up to this point he had a GPA of 85%) and a sense of, “Mom I wish you were here to give me a hug and prepare my favorite comfort food.” But I am several hundred miles away and all I could do is listen to what he tells me; then put on my cheerleading uniform and cheer him on for the next time (they get three opportunities to pass this test because it is really tough, and it should be they will be expected to save the life’s of injured soldiers).

I know I can’t quiz him like I once did before a test or make sure he gets a good night’s rest and I can’t make him that perfect breakfast for brain power the morning of this big test. But, I can encourage him and Lisa too every chance I get by text, email, a handwritten letter (people serving our country in the military really like receiving letters from loved ones), a voice mail, a phone call and a good ole heart to heart with my heavenly Father and ask him to guide Chris, to give him the wisdom to make good choices when it comes to choosing to study rather than play – yes, in the Army they still have that opportunity and then, let God take the wheel and lead him down the path he has purposed and planned for his life! When I trust and call on HIM to HELP I know that Chris will pass that test!

So Father give my children the strength and wisdom to be all you have called them to be. As a mother, that is all I can ask for because I know they can’t do it alone!



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  1. this was a beautiful post! I related to on many levels