Sunday, August 1, 2010


A few Friday evenings ago Frank (my husband) came home so excited about a young woman he had just met in the parking lot of our neighborhood Wal-Mart. I know some of you are probably asking yourself, “Why is she (me) not upset about him coming home excited about a young woman he just met?” Well, Frank - aka - “Baby Jesus” our daughter Lisa nicknamed her father that because he is sold out to our Savior and loves meeting other people who share that same affection! First, he handed me this handcrafted wooden cross and said, “This is for you!” Then he said, “Honey, I just met this girl, her name is Lacy and we had the coolest conversation and I want you to met her.” To which I replied, “REALLY… DO TELL ME MORE?” He continued… Well, he said, she is selling these crosses for a Ministry she is involved in that helps people that are recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, but it’s more than that he said, they worship together as a community of believers. Lacy ended up there after being arrested for possession of an illegal substance and she was given a dilemma by the judge, “JAIL or Strong Tower Ministries? She chose Strong Tower and has never looked back! Lacy has been clean and sober for over two years and is now employed full-time at Strong Tower Ministries. She shared her amazing recovery story with me about how God has delivered her from being addicted to heroine and prescription pain medication and how thankful she is for Strong Tower that was placed in her path that helped her get there! She said, “All I had to do was SURRENDER to the CROSS and GOD provided ME with HIS MERCY and the SHELTER of HIS STRONG TOWER!”

Frank was right! It was an AMAZING STORY of RECOVERY! Thanks for sharing your story with us Lacy, may you continue to STAND STRONG!

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