Sunday, November 7, 2010

Living Color 101

Loving Color starts with the BASICS

Primary Color by Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth’s class was the last one I attended at Squam and it was the most colorful - literally, and so much FUN! Mary Beth was really good at sharing with us and helping us get comfortable with exploring colors through paints in a way that perhaps we had never thought of before. I found myself having a wonderful time with the paints and colors that left me wanting to paint a picture and that’s what I did, I named it; “Color Me Basically.”


Thanks again for reintroducing me to paint and color in a way that makes me want to put it on CANVAS.

Mary Beth Shaw worked in the insurance industry for 18 years before she went crazy one day and quit her job.

While exploring her creativity, she re-ignited a childhood love of art. She is now ecstatic to support herself as a full time painter, living a gypsy life and participating in fine art fairs nationwide. Her mixed media process utilizes pastel, ink, marker and acrylics layered with various collage materials; she welcomes so-called mistakes because they lead to wonderful opportunities and discoveries.

She works in series and has several bodies of work in which she employs her own symbolism of embedded meaning. Living in St. Louis with her husband and 3 cats, Mary Beth is passionate about every moment of life.

Check out Mary’s website at the address below:


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