Thursday, July 15, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Cinderella Field, yes, Cinderella is really my name. Cinderella is not an easy name to live with nor is it easy to speak up and say it each and every time you meet someone for the very first time; “Hello BLOGGERS!” Okay, I’m glad that I got that out of the way, what a relief! I know you are probably asking yourself, “Does she go by “Cindy” for short?”My response is “yes, there was a time when I went by “Cindy” for short, but not today.”
Here’s the story…

My daughter at the ripe age of three asked me in front of an adult that was telling me she was concerned about my daughter, oh by the way, my daughter’s name is Lisa. Anyway, my neighbor at the time; was concerned about Lisa and her making up stories. She continued to say, “ I know that your family has moved around quite a bit and well, Lisa makes up stories.” To which I replied, “Oh really like what?” Well, she tells me that she has a younger sister and I know that she has a brother that is older and that her mommy is “Cinderella.” Lisa was playing in the yard with her daughter at the time my neighbor and I were having this discussion and she ran over and started saying, “MOMMY… MOMMY… and I looked at Lisa and said, “One minute, honey, Miss Cindy and I are talking, but Lisa INSISTED I give her “MY ATTENTION” and she asked me this question?” “Mommy, why do you lie to people about your name?” WOW! OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BABES… sometimes come words that STING and BRING a REALIZATION! I was a Mommy teaching my children each and every day to be happy and accept themselves and others as God had created them to be, and I was not comfortable with who I was and what I was named? What a LESSON Lisa just TAUGHT ME? I turned back to my neighbor at the time, which shared the same name I had used for years in place of my REAL NAME and said, “ Lisa is telling the truth, my name is Cinderella and that’s what you may call me from this day forward.”

Getting my family to do the same and embrace my new identity was not an easy task. My husband Frank asked; that I not introduce myself to his business associates as Cinderella because they would have a new name for him “Prince Charming” and he was not ready for that and neither was the Oil and Gas Industry that he works in, a very MANLY WORLD, but over time he got used to it.Okay, admittedly, it took him awhile… “YEARS!” In fact, there are days that I am sure it’s still not easy for him and I understand it all too well.

Some of my other AKA’s and nicknames he has for me are: Honey – that’s what he calls me most of the time. If he calls me Cindy or Cinderella, I know it’s not going to be a conversation I am going to enjoy – much like the one when I say, “ Honey, we need to talk.” You know how guys LOVE to hear that, RIGHT?

We have two adult children, our oldest is Chris (who will turn twenty-one in August) he serves our country in the Army and our youngest, Lisa (just turned nineteen in May) is in her second year of college at a University in Oklahoma, they call me “MOM.” Chris who has a “dry sense of humor” calls me “Cinderella” to get on my nerves every now and then, and Lisa says, “Mom don’t get upset, it’s just a NAME.” They are my PRIDE and JOY and I feel BLESSED to have the HONOR of calling them, MY BABIES!” They are going to LOVE reading that some day - NOT! LOL

My niece refers to me as “AUNTIE ORGANIC” I love that nickname! My husband’s friends refer to me as “C” I like that too! My mother-in-law still calls me “Cindy” and sometimes “Cindyrelle.” My mom calls me “Cindy” and that’s better than “Lucy” that’s what she nicknamed me growing up. I never understood “WHY” and I still don’t have the answer or a clue for that one, and neither does she?Anyway, I am happy answering to any of them, except “Lucy!” LOL
To be honest with you; “I prefer Cinderella.” And, according to Lisa, “It’s okay! It’s just a NAME… your name Mom!”
I am interested in your name and how it came to be, so email me at

Cinderella and Lisa


Frank, Chris and Cinderella


  1. Great job! Now I'm going to have to come up with a nickname for you! Proud of your blog...and this is just the beginning! Climb on that little blue bird and FLY, Sista!!!

  2. Cinderella. How fun! I love this new blog and look forward to what you have to share in the future. While Matt and I have spent time with you and Frank it was insightful to read more about you! So glad you're sharing...

  3. Hey Cindy, You are so REAL and you say what you mean and mean what you say...... God bless and peace. Your niece (my daughter) is such a scream with the Auntie Organic. See you in the Woods!!

  4. Thanks Nancy! God bless and peace to you and the family. I love Andrea and her nickname for me, it fits perfectly into my GREEN WAY OF LIFE and EATING. Frank and I need to come to the Woods and visit with you guys and perhaps we can play a round of golf?

  5. Thanks Jeanie! How are you guys? The blog should be fun to keep up with, write and post pics of what is going on in the Field World. Thanks for supporting me by following me. Love and Blessings to you and yours!