Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Please join me...


  1. OMG Congrats to the healthy, happy journey continuing for you!!! xox Corrine

  2. Happy Birthday, Cinderelly! I can't imagine a more fitting and meaningful way for you to celebrate your 50th. Wish I could be there...Lisa

  3. Thanks so much! I wish both of you could be here with me to celebrate the birthdays of all women, after all it is WOMEN that give BIRTH... I'll just leave it there.
    Corrine - I think you are the COOLEST!
    Lisa - I LOVE YOU dearly! We are KINDRED SPIRITS... You are the ONE I run to when I want to share my dreams, we are day dream believers. When I have a really hard day or tough decision to make; you hear me out, and tell me your TRUTH, the way you see and then, you deliver it the way I need to hear it, and that ain't easy I know because I can be hard-headed and well, stubborn, but you love me and accept me just as I am - ME, even when I say the RIGHT words WRONG ( George Bush and I are related in that way for sure). We take flight in doing adventures together and we are the best traveling companions ever... We are honest with each other always... You are the kind of SISTER I always dreamed of and wished for, and God gave me YOU as a sister-in-law... I AM SO BLESSED!!! Thank you so much for EVERYTHING... but I still wish you could be here...
    Love ya,

  4. Lisa, I forgot something very IMPORANT, well maybe two... I TRUST you with my SECRETS, my LIFE and I ADMIRE your COURAGE. I just wanted you to know...